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Memorable Band Trips

Many students join the Marching Band for the outstanding travel opportunities that await band members. Our recent Bowl Trips have included the Independence Bowl, Champs Sports Bowl, 2004 Houston Bowl, 2003 Alamo Bowl, 2001 Fiesta Bowl, the 1999 Bowl, the 1998 Aloha Bowl. All trips are paid for by the Marching Band and included lodging, meals, and transportation (because getting there is half the fun!).

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Commitments and Responsibilities

Rehearsals are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:00-6:00 p.m. and briefly on Game Days. Sectional Rehearsals may be required, and will be scheduled by Section Leaders. While this might sound like a lot of work, most students find the schedule quite flexible. Students in the marching band also have time to participate in a wide variety of organizations on campus such as ROTC, fraternities and sororities, academic honor societies and clubs. Many band members also work during the marching season. Naturally, your parents will be happy to hear that Marching Band will not require such a large amount of time that it will interfere with studies!

Academic Credit is available for participation in marching band. This applies to all curriculum electives. Students interested in participating in the Marching Band can enroll in EMUS 1287 (Call # 74597) for one hour of lower-division credit or EMUS 3287 (Call # 74651) for one hour of upper-division credit. These classes are cross-listed and both correspond to the same rehearsal schedule.


Financial Obligations include purchasing black shoes through the band office, and paying for the dry cleaning of your uniform several times during the season. Additionally, There is a $20 large instrument/locker rental fee and a $25 uniform fee, which help offset the rising costs of repair and replacement. The good news is that the Marching Band will pay for your music, transportation, lodging on trips, meals on trips, and will provide you with several pieces of Marching Band Logo clothing.

Attendance is held to the highest standard in the Golden Buffalo Marching Band. Band Members are required to attend all rehearsals and all performances. Marching Band members are also eligible to audition for the Basketball Pep Band following completion of the marching season.

Band Camp is held during the week prior to the start of classes. All members of the Marching Band should plan to attend. If you will be living in the residence halls, you wil move into your assigned dorm room for the year on the first day of band camp. Many incoming Freshman enjoy the Band Camp experience, since it gives them a chance to meet many new friends and find their way around campus before classes even begin!

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